Changes in Sydney rent during covid 19

Among the many things (ok, pretty much everything) that covid19 is impacting is the cost of rent in Sydney. The NSW government releases the rent data monthly so I thought I’d take a look.

Where are you from?

One of the things that jumped out at me when I arrived in Australia was, compared to Canada, how European it feels. The coffee, the more rounded edges on cars, the cafe’s with seating on the street, tea, trains.

Australian and Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The conversation around greenhouse gas emissions in Australia differs from that in Canada. In Australia there is much attention on coal generation and renewable energy, where as in Canada the focus is on oil and gas, and in particular the oil sands and export pipelines.

Australian and Canadian missed climate targets

We hear a lot about plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, yet comparably little about how we’ve lived up to past commitments. It’s worth taking a look at our past (in)actions and goals as they’re important context in which to view current progress.